Spa Cupping and Body Therapies

A 2 Day workshop for the Massage or Spa therapist, to learn the techniques of Cupping for healthy beauty support. Learn techniques and treatments; for cellulite, amazing natural face lifts, lymphatic body detox cupping wraps & skin toning. 

  • Learn internal organ balancing to support health, beauty and weight loss. 
  • Gua sha wrinkle treatments, 
  •  Acupressure face lift
  • Face cupping in a full facial routine blending of personalized clay /fruit masks and facial oil
  • Ear Reflexology & seeding & Acupressure for weight loss and metabolism
  • Aroma Drop spinal treatment
  • Aromatherapy blending, natural cosmetic preparation,  and Chinese diet therapies will also be discussed and used .
  • Skin firming and lymphatic body wrap with acupoints to cup for beauty
  • Cellulite cupping

Investment: $425, for 2 days, Includes 80 page manual and certificate, 

The student will also require a plastic vacuum cup set. which can be purchased at the class for $65

 Facial silicone cups will be available to use for the class. 

Edmonton: TBA

Notes from Winona and testimonials

"My work with spa cupping has been highly successful with all of my clients and students being amazed at the instant face lifts and long term skin benefits of facial cupping. This work must be taught under supervision, as I have strict safety protocols that I discuss in my classes. You cannot learn this on you tube. Cupping is the best way to tighten and firm skin, reduce stretch marks and to open the lymphatic system to reduce edema and enhance detoxification." WM

" I am so glad I took this class it was so much fun and a can't believe how good my face looks" RD

" I found this course to be very interesting and helpful and know my clients will love this" ED