A few of the responses from workshop participants

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the cupping workshop last weekend. My clients are loving it... as well I parked the cups on his arm that he has had a numb spot for about 8 years since an accident. It now has feeling!!"

" this is the best class I've ever taken as a massage therapist, you have saved my hands"

"I was not sure if this class would be in-depth enough for me being a massage instructor, I am so glad I took it and have learned so much to bring back to my practice , thank you" 

"I took another cupping class brought to Alberta and this was way better I learned so many more practical techniques and such interesting theory"

" I cant believe my face is so smooth and lifted this is amazing"

" my belly has been loose and saggy for 3 years since I had my baby I cant believe the skin sag raised 3 inches after you worked my stomach"

" this is the first time I have had relief in this shoulder for 3 months since the pain started"

" I'm so glad I took your class, my clients love it and ask for cupping every massage, I even wear one on my traps while working if its been a long day"

" my legs are so smooth and the cellulite is gone"