Learn Cupping therapy from a comprehensively  trained Acupuncturist & experienced Massage Therapist. Winona Has been using cups since 1999 on her massage clients. In her programs you will learn modern Myo-Fascial techniques along with the ancient wisdom of the original fascia channels; the Tendino- Muscular Meridians, to  promote therapeutic healing responses in your clients and family.

The Founder of WHICCM  Winona Mondor has taught many Registered Massage therapists and health practitioners in Alberta, Saskatchewan and the NWT & Yukon. Since 2012

Her students have expressed enthusiasm and have rapidly adopted her techniques and teachings into their practices.

Winona Mondor

Is a Registered Nurse who has been practicing complementary therapies since 1995. She currently teaches Massage and Wholistic  Therapists healing modalities including  Cupping and Acupressure. She is currently Studying  Anthroposophical Nursing and Japanese Acupuncture. A well as practising as a healing minister.

Winona has over 4000 hours of training in Acupuncture and has completed many programs including. Massage Therapy, Herbalism & Reiki

Winona is a professional member of the:

College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada

Association of Registered Nurses in Private Practice

Ordained  Reverend  and Healing Conductor in the Inayatiyya  Sufi order

Winona will travel on request of interested student groups in Canada and abroad