Professional  Cupping Therapies

The comprehensive foundation course, that covers, all cupping tools and styles. To give you a wide variety of skills & techniques to help your clients and practice.

This class is approved by the main associations and will enable you to practice cupping legally and with insurance.

Learn how to safely and effectively use suction type cups in your daily practice as a highly effective adjunct therapy. 

Learn Valuable cupping techniques and be introduced to the original Fascia trains; the Ancient Sinew channels. 

Utilizing  both; powerful plastic and versatile silicone cups, with the opportunity to try glass fire cupping under direct supervision will also be provided.

This course will provide the participant with the skills necessary to utilize these versatile and effective tools immediately. Including;

  • History & benefits of cupping
  • Preparing the therapist and patient for cupping
  • Cupping procedure and methods
  • Precautions and contraindications
  • Client education and informed consent

Protocols taught include:

  •  Myo- Fascial release, and softening & joint treatments
  • The ancient fascia lines; the SINEW CHANNELS
  • Trigger points & active release techniques
  • Organ system balancing, and detoxification
  • Lymphatic drainage & cellulite treatment
  • Cupping face lift, skin firming and spa applications

Investment: $385, for 2 days

Cupping sets sold for $65 at the class

Recognized for Con-Ed credits, with NHPC; 15, RMTA; 12, MTAA; 10 primary. MTAS 10.5; CRMTA 12 primary


Dates for 2019

Lethbridge Alberta; July 16 & 17.. plus the option to take the advanced practical portion July 18

Vancouver cancelled

Niagara Falls Ont; July 20 & 21 plus option to take advanced practical portion  July 22

Saskatoon Sask; July 31 & Aug the option to take the advanced practical portion Aug 2

Halifax Nova Scotia; August 10 & 11 plus option to take advanced practical portion August 12

Edmonton AB;  September 28 & 29  plus option to take advanced practical portion September 30

Red Deer Alberta; October 10 & 11  plus option to take advanced practical portion October 12