Cupping is an ancient healing art that is regaining popularity in the western world. Because of its ease in use and amazing results;

 By Creating a vacuum pressure on the applied areas that lift, open,

release, cleanse and hydrate tight muscle and fascia. The vacuum effect

can pull up to 4 inches of tissue to;

 Heals tissues by bringing increased circulation and oxygen to enhance collagen production an

 tissue repair

 Clears the pores and removes surface toxins while pulling out old stagnate blood and toxins from

 the deep myo-fascial tissues

 Detoxification of the lymphatic system, and organ systems

 Relieves muscle spasms that often cause pain

 Relaxes the sympathetic nervous system to aid stress reduction and healing

  Stimulates the blood flow to rejuvenate skin, aiding in cellulite and edema reduction and            skin toning/strengthening

Indications and Conditions that Cupping may Assist


Tight or hardened muscles
Edema and need for lymphatic drainage
Trigger points and  tissue adhesions
Poor or restricted lymph flow or circulation
Scar tissue  and collagen stimulation
Pain and movement restriction
Inflamed or painful joints and tissues
Nervous energy or anxiety
Need for detoxification
Organ toning and balancing
Tissue  regeneration and healing
Improved local vasculature

Conditions that may respond favorably to Cupping therapy:

Inflammatory conditions such as bursitis and tendinitis
Stagnate lymph and edema
Flaccid and undernourished skin and muscle tissue
Blood pressure
Bronchial complaints
Pain chronic and acute
Plantar fasciitis
Athletic  performance and recovery
Increased skin regeneration and healing
Improved hair growthImproved metabolism