Covid-19 considerations

  I understand that the province is increasing its response to the Covid crisis I just want to reassure all interested and registered participants that the classes are still going to continue.

 Class Dates are beginning in July with the first class being in Edmonton on July 9 & 10.  We will be in a large space to be able to social distance and will be wearing  masks and face shields during  the practical portion where you work with a partner. 

. This is a challenging time for the body worker and I pray that life regains a more normal where we can work again with our clients soon. I will also be offering payment plans to take workshops as we still need credits and new skills to help ourselves and clients, but in a economically feasible way.  Please call or email me if you need to space your tuition payment out.

We Still have space in the Lethbridge class! August 26 & 27

Why This Training is Right for You!!

The trainer has been using cupping for 22 years and is a practicing Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist and  Acupuncturist. She has been teaching these workshops since 2012 across Canada and has had many international students fly in, to learn her effective techniques & unique perspective based on ancient Asian medicine.

     Massage associations recognize the Cupping for Professionals class and give  primary or secondary continuing education credits to attendees and will insure you  to practice cupping after this 2 day workshop. 

      You will receive a Comprehensive 90 page binder of class notes and access to the instructor for questions and support via email afterwards.

      You and your clients will appreciate better treatment outcomes, with less strain on your hands, so you can do more, practice longer and save your body.

      Learn comprehensive, effective, whole body, head to toe, prone & supine treatment options.

         Increase your client base! as many are asking for cupping, as popularity increases.

           Cupping fits well into any type of practice;  as a adjunct therapy or add on.

      Relaxing and pleasurable to your clients, allowing the body’s self healing mechanism to activate healing on many levels.

      Learn and use plastic, silicone and glass cupping techniques. As well as tension softening Gua sha (stripping) for those hard to cup areas.

      The fascia softening and release effects, along with the deep tissue cleansing of cups.. will reduce your clients myofascial pain quickly and with ease.

      Learn important  Acupoints to stimulate with magnetic cups and/or acupressure to enhance your treatments, as well as therapeutic essential oil support for some conditions.

      Learn how to rebuild the essential life force and energy in your chronically ill and fatigued clients.  As well as supporting the  internal organs and hormone balance.

      Learn the Asian diagnostic techniques and the ancient Tendino Muscular Channels (Sinew) to address acute and chronic myofascial pain issues, including different types of “pathogenic invasions” that are also transformed in arthritis syndromes if chronic.

      Cupping can be diagnostic as well as being highly therapeutic.

      Learn techniques that  open and move lymph, for whole body immune strengthening  and detoxification

      Learn the amazing cupping face-lift, cellulite treatment and  techniques, for tissue firming, repair and regeneration.

      Learn the subtly of energetic of cupping and how to gauge the type and level or degree of cupping based on your clients individual constitution and therapeutic needs.