This program is on hold and will not be offered until further notice

The Meridian Acupressure & Cupping Certificate Program


This program will address the emotional, energetic and physical aspects of dis–ease and suffering.   Study the meridians pathways and their power points, and key treatment strategies, according to Chinese and Japanese classical acupuncture systems. Learn correspondences and treatments by point stimulation and other healing and balancing therapies.  

Utilizing; cupping, acupressure, tuning forks, scraping, moxibustion, topical therapies such as compresses and aromatherapy, healing metals, sound and breath work,  water element movement and  qi gong. Learn diagnostic techniques such as tongue, skin, meridian and pulse reading.  We will also consume nourishing elemental foods & beverages;  

This certificate program will be part time and will be divided into 6 weekends of study to allow the practitioner to learn, explore and develop skills in working with the 14 meridians and their different corresponding element systems, water, wood, fire, metal and earth. The extra meridians will be studied on their own weekend along with the practice building section.  

Registrants of the whole program:  Also have the opportunity to receive, Reiki levels 1 & 2, at a special rate of $100 for a full weekend workshop in spring /summer 2016.

The Meridian Acupressure Program 

Begins with the Water element. Delve into the Kidney and Bladder systems and meridians;   In this class, learn to love and support the kidney-bladder/ water element in yourself and how to treat and support others healing.  

The kidney is the seat of our fundamental life force and must be kept strong or disease, pain, cold and hardness will lodge in the body. Kidney is vital for treating PSTD, bone health, arthritis, adrenal energy, reproduction, asthma and many other conditions.

The Bladder channel and organ system is important for pain and muscleo-skeletal functions as well as an avenue to strengthen &treat all of the internal organs directly.


Each element with its corresponding meridians will be studied in its respective time of year. Take one or all of them for a certificate in Cupping & Acupressure.

Classes will be located in Edmonton

Kidney and Bladder are Water & are ruled by Winter.  Class dates: February 26 & 28 2016  

Liver and Gallbladder are Wood &  are ruled by Spring. Class dates: April 23 &24 (Inc. San Jiao)

Heart and Small Intestine are Fire & are ruled by Summer.  Class dates: TBA  (Inc. Pericardium)

Spleen and Stomach are Earth and are ruled by Late summer, Class dates: TBA

Lung and Large Intestine are Metal & are ruled by the Autumn,  Class dates: TBA

Extra Meridians REN, DU, Chong etc. Will be in the winter Dates to be announced  

Investment: for each weekend is $380 if you commit to the whole program the price will be     $350 /weekend, a total savings of $180  

The class will require the investment in a cup set $60 (which includes magnets), a tuning fork or two, and a text book. TBA.  

Please call 780-619-6260 or email for more information or to register.