Advanced Cupping for Fascia Release

Second level of cupping practice for those that have taken Professional Cupping Therapies.

We will explore;

  • The  Fascia  and its Tendino-Muscular Meridians  (the original fascia trains)

  • Classical Chinese theory and treatments of Bi (arthritis) Syndromes

  • Key Acupoint points and stimulation to affect pain and tissues and treat disordered fascia

  • Stretching and active release techniques using special fascia cups, to create deep and immediate release of fascia tension, and promote body alignment

  • Ear  reflexology and seeding;  teaching and practice 

  • Gua Sha; for fascia/ tendon softening and  Acupoint stimulation

  • Moxibustion Therapy; building warmth in joints and Acupoints

  • Topical therapies; Essential oils and Chinatown favorites

  • Compress Therapies & Healing Metals; from Anthroposophic medicine's tradition and practices

  • Aroma drop cupping spinal & reflexology treatment

Cost $225 for the 1 day option when the Professional cupping therapies class is complete

Edmonton  September 24 2020

Red Deer September 15 2020